Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shammy Towel

Shammy TowelThe Chamois King is made of a new material that absorbs more water than towels to make drying your car, boat, pet or anything else, faster and easier.• It Absorbs More Water Than Towels To Make Drying Anything Faster And Easier

• Easy To Wring Out So You Can Use One Drying Towel For An Entire Vehicle, Boat, Pet, Kitchen or Bath
• You can even wear The Damp Towel Around Your Neck To Stay Cool In The Heat. Its the Perfect Sports Towel
• The material is Synthetic Leather PVA, which is a Soft Machine Washable Material That Lasts Years With Normal Use

The secret to the Chamois King is the unique design, specially made to increase surface area of the cloth and maximize the absorbing action.It’s easy to wring out so you can use it for any size job. The size is 26″x17″ which is perfect for any use.

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