Thursday, October 16, 2014

Top Rated Chamois King Drying Towel 37% Off at Amazon

Top Rated Chamois King Drying Towel 37% Off at Amazon
f you are anything like I am, you may be a little skeptical about all of the new car care products out there.   I always kept drying my car with regular towels.  It worked in the past, so what else could I need.

I had used a animaly shammy as a teen ager, and it just wasn't for me.  I still had to dry the car with rags anyway so the shammy was just an extra step that Icould skip.  I know many people use them , it just was not for.

Then we got a dog.  He's cute and fun and goes to the dog park almost every day with my wifewhere he gets completely filthy.  He jumps in the water, wallows in the mud and is a total mess.  He's a Wheaten Terrier and stays inside so he endures a bath every day when he comes home from the dog park.  My wife used a pile of towel after his bath to dry him off.

A friend got a new shammy towel to dry his car and he raved about it.  So I ordered two Chamois Kings from, one for drying my cars and one for drying my dog.  Wow.  The new material the chamois is made from must be high tech.  It is very absorbent, easy to wring out and is completely different than the old animal skin chamois.  

We don't have piles of wet towels in the bathroom when our dog gets his bath, and I don't have piles of old rags to dry my car.  All I need is one chamois.
This is really a surprisingly great product that I really recommend and it's 37% off at right now.

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