Monday, October 31, 2016

Learn More About Chamois King

Hello and welcome to Chamois King, the only towel you will ever need for drying, detailing or just staying cool. By visiting us today, you have shown a need for a better product to detail your car with, cool yourself down at sporting events or when working around the house or for those trying times when you are just trying to wash your dog and you need to get him dry quickly. The Chamois King can do all of that and more.


The Chamois King was developed under the notion that we all need an easier way to dry our car, our hair or our pets while using a towel that will last for years and save us money. Our lint free, chemical free chamois is better for the environment than paper towels and will absorb many times more water than cloth towels. The secret is in the synthetic leather material and its unique surface are design that actually helps wick moisture away from whatever it is that you are drying.

So contact Chamois King today to get the best drying cloth for yourself.

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