Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Energy Star Rated Replacement Windows In Atlanta

Replacement Windows with the ENERGY STAR Qualification There are many products in the market today that will help homeowners improve their Atlanta Windows or door’s capability to meet ENERGY STAR guidelines.  EPA created these for homeowners to know and verify if the following key guiding principles were followed: – The product should give significant energy savings nationwide – The features and performance of the product should meet the consumers demand in increased energy efficiency – If product cost is higher than the conventional, consumers should recover their investment with increased energy efficiency through bill savings in an acceptable period of time – Product energy consumption can be measured and verified by testing – Energy efficient products should be labelled to differentiate from other products Features of Energy Star Rated Replacement Windows In Atlanta: Low emissivity glass Size of the air space inside the insulating glass unit Type and design of frame used Sash material of the product Overhangs in windows and other designs For labeling any energy-efficient windows, ENERGY STAR already required minimum energy performance rating criteria by climate that can be checked by homeowners before buying the product. To ensure homeowners that they are installing quality energy efficient windows Continue Reading

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