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James Hardie Siding Atlanta Installed by Tight Line Exteriors

James Hardie Siding Atlanta Installed by Tight Line ExteriorsTight Line is a proud Associate Contractor for James Hardie Building Products.We have partnered with James Hardie because they stand behind their products and have a proven track record for performance.  This translates into knowing that you’re getting the best siding product available from the most qualified Atlanta siding contractor.  You can count on the experienced team at Tight Line to provide the very best exterior siding for your home.  We are dedicated to making the entire process enjoyable for you, from choosing the right colors to installing to the exact standards of James Hardie Building Products.
siding replacement Atlanta

#1 Return on Investment
Replacing the siding on your home is not an inexpensive project, no matter how much Tight Line can save you on the total cost.  You can rest easy however, knowing that your Fiber Cement Siding installed by Tight Line gives you the best return on your investment.  For the 8th Year in a Row in Atlanta, a fiber cement reside project gives you a 25% better return than adding a bathroom and costs $61k less to complete.replacement siding Atlanta
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Energy Savings
Most homes built in the Atlanta were insulated to the bare minimum insulation standards.  We know that energy efficiency and lowering heating and cooling costs are top priorities for most homeowners.  Unfortunately, there are very few opportunities to increase the insulation of the exterior walls of your home.  We can increase the energy efficiency of your exterior walls when we replace your siding by installing a new innovative product called Low-E housewrap.  This product gives you a protective barrier from water and the elements while increasing the Insulation value (R-Value) of the walls.   At Tight Line we can change an ordinary residing job into an energy-saving improvement at a minimal increase in cost.low-e
Color selection with our Exterior Designer  Ms. Franchesca,At Tight Line we don’t just want to help you make the most of your siding, we want to help you make the most of the exterior look of your entire home. That’s why can offer you a free consultation with Ms Franchesca, our Exterior Designer to help you choose the best and most appealing colors and textures for your home.  Often times the hardest part of the job is choosing a color which is going to be appealing to your neighborhood and increase the curb appeal.  That’s why we offer you our professional exterior designer to come out to your home, consult with you about the look of your home and give you the peace of mind that the color you choose is going to be the envoy of the neighborhood
  • Significantly increase the beauty and “curb appeal” of your home.
  • Lower your Maintenance cost.
  • Increase your Resale Value.
  • Improve your Energy Savings.
  • Environmental Impact of using a Green product.
  • Best Return on Investment.
 “There is no question that Tight Line is committed to Customer Service and Quality workmanship
Kirby M, Roswell Ga.
Don’t be fooled by cheap imitation James Hardie look alike products. Unfortunately in Atlanta we know all too well that there have been many poor performing exterior siding products used by uniformed contractors who took the low cost rout in selecting the products for your home.  These mistakes have cost homeowners like you thousands of dollars to replace systems like wood fiber siding, and foam stucco systems.At Tight Line, we have done the research for you on your exterior systems to assure that you are receiving the best engineered systems on the market.  These systems deliver the beauty and durability to protect your home in all kinds of climates.  The HardieZone® System delivers  performance attributes specific to the Atlanta climate.  We only use 100% Hardie products, not look alike products which have post industrial waste as their major filler ingredient.We believe there should never be any surprises in purchasing a new exterior for your home.  We include the following standard in all of our siding installs:
  • Removal and disposal of your old Siding.
  • Professional installation of new.
  • Hardie or Low E housewrap install option.
  • SturdiMount fiber cement mount blocks.
  • Flashing for all doors and windows.
  • Flashing at foundations
  • 3 sheets of plywood panels free.
  • Free color consolation with our exterior designer

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