Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Car Phone Holder for Hands Free Cell Phone Use Car Phone Holder for Hands Free Driving. Windshield Mount Universal Mobile Phone Holder with Snap-In One Touch Feature Works With the Push of a Finger. Adjustable Cell Phone Mount for iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C, Android, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy S3/S2, Garmin and Tomtom GPS. 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. • New Drying Towel Material Leaves Your Car Spot Free - Detail Your Vehicle Like a Pro • Absorbs More Water Than Towels To Make Drying Anything Faster And Easier • Easy To Wring Out So You Can Use One Drying Towel For An Entire Vehicle, Boat, Pet, Kitchen or Bath • Wear The Damp Towel Around Your Neck To Stay Cool In The Heat - Perfect Sports Towel • Synthetic Leather PVA is a Soft, Machine Washable Material That Lasts Years With Normal Use New Chamois Drying Towel Leaves Your Car Spot Free - New material absorbs more water than towels to make drying your car, boat, or anything else, faster and easier - Unique design increases surface area to maximize absorbing action - Easy to wring out - use one chamois to dry any car Discover The Secret To Faster Drying and Staying Cool The secret to the Chamois King is the unique surface area design, specially made to increase surface area and maximize the absorbing action. The chamois is a soft, durable synthetic leather material called PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol). Machine washable. Will last years with normal use. Comes in a plastic storage container to keep it soft and ready for use. Won't mold or mildew. 26"x17" size is perfect for any use. Lint free. Chemical free. How To Stay Cool In The Heat Simply wet the chamois, wring it out and wear it around your neck. As the water evaporates, it carries your body heat away with it. Use as a sports towel to wipe away sweat. Six Most Popular Uses - Which Will You Use It For? - Making your car look like you just had it detailed by a pro - Keeping cool on hot days wearing it around your neck - Use as swim towel and dry off like an Olympian at the the pool to stay warmer - Drying a wet pet with just one towel - Cleaning kitchens and bathrooms to make them sparkle - Getting a shine on your motorcycle, boat or RV 30 Day Money-Back No Questions Asked Guarantee Car Phone Holder with unique snap-in feature secures the device in the cradle with the push of a finger, even if the phone is protected by a skin or case. Snap-In Feature: 1: Press the "Open" tabs on either side to open the arms. 2: Place phone in mount. 3: Gently push until the side arms snap into place. 4: To release, repeat step 1. Super Sticky Suction Pad: The 2.5" diameter suction cup attaches to any smooth, clean and flat surface using the special vacuum suction lever to ensure reliable mounting. The suction cup can be washed with warm water to restore the original condition. 3 Adjustments for Optimal Viewing: 1: Ball joint allows 360 degree rotation for vertical or horizontal positioning. 2: Side to side angle adjustment allows for perfect viewing angle. 3: Elbow Joint provides 360 degree rotation. Installation: 1. Clean the surface. 2. Remove plastic cover on the suction cup. 3. Place in desired location 4. Push down on suction lever to secure the mount. Removal: 1. Release the suction lever. 2. Break the vacuum seal by pulling the suction cup tab. Compatible Devices From 2.3" to 3.0" Wide: * Apple iPhone 5/4/4S/3GS * Samsung Galaxy S3/S2 * HTC One/8X/8S * Nokia Lumia 925/928/920 * Blackberry Q10 & Z10 * LG Optimus G/Nexus 4 * Motorola Droid RAZR/MAXX/HD *** 100% Money Back Guarantee. Order Yours Today! ***

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